Father Christmas promises to do his best to create happiness and make fantasies come to life for both children and adults, in the true tradition of his name.


Personal Letter from Father Christmas
What could be nicer for your child than to receive a personal letter from the man himself, the one and only Father Christmas.

The letter will arrive in a red envelope, addressed to the child. It will bear a Father Christmas stamp and be postmarked from the North Pole. This envelope will be contained within an outer envelope addressed to the adult who ordered the letter, and this envelope will be marked "Medieval World, History brought to life" for ease of identification.

In order for the North Pole Post Office elves to process your order, they will need the following information:

The child's FULL name.
The child's FULL address and postcode.
The child's age.
The child's gender (boy or girl).
The name of the child's best friend/schoolmate or similar (please specify).
The name of a present the child WILL receive.
The name of a present that he/she received last year.

The elves also need the following information about the adult who is ordering the letter:

First and Surname.
FULL address and postcode.
Telephone number and/or email address.

As this is a personal letter from Father Christmas, the elves will not be able to process your order unless all the above information is received.

PLEASE NOTE: The elves cannot guarantee that orders received on or after 16 December will be delivered by Royal Mail before Christmas Eve. If you send your order on or after this date, the elves will still process your order, but it is at your own risk.

Email ALL the above information to:     info@medievalworld.org.uk

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